About AnnMun  

AnnMun, a global company which is established in the United States, relies on to create innovative products, and adopts innovative online marketing mechanism. AnnMun has cooperated with over 60 scientists in over 10 countries across the globe to translate the most prominent research findings in the cell and genetic sciences in today’s world into products which are beneficial to the human beings and can be extended to every customer via information on the internet and extension technology!

1.Creative products leader

1.1 Remarkable authentic products

All our innovative products are developed based on cell and genetics! We are the product innovator as well as the industry leader.


1.2 Potent effects of the products

AnnMun has pioneered the development of more than 200 brand new products! All of our products possess potent effects! The users of our products can obviously perceive physiologically the extensive recovery responses on their bodies, skins and so on! We aim to inspire the users to love our products because of the potency and eventually fall in love with AnnMun because of our products!  

2.The world’s first “OneClick” Internet + Internet of Things (IoT) mobile office business management system

2.1 Sell across the world via a mobile phone

AnnMun has completely subverted the traditional internet and IoT strategies through the creation of the world’s first “OneClick” Internet + IoT mobile office, a fully automated business management system, which enables all AnnMun businesses to be done in just “OneClick” on the mobile phones! AnnMun creates a truly global marketplace, where any acquaintances and strangers across the globe can be your dealers, helping you to supply the products to any countries around the world.

2.2 Independent operation platform

This is a dealer’s personal business management system which is fully automated for calculation, trading, and display. The dealers are the owners of the system, and they can manage their businesses in a safe and stress-free manner

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